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Corona impacts jewellery business in city, elaborate safety measures in place

Jamshedpur: Jewellry business is yet to recover its lost momentum in the wake of Corona pandemic and a series of subsequent lockdowns. Bereft of sources of income and cash flows due to lockdowns and its impact on livelihood, the masses have had little time to recover and feel the need to visit jewellery shops.

However, since after the unlock orders, things have started looking up yet again for most of the jewellery shops.

Most of the jewellers are back to business. However, they are taking all precautions to ensure that social distancing norms are adhered to in the prescribed manner.

Before opening the shops, most of the jewellers ensure that the shop premises are sanitised properly. Even the ornaments to be sold are being sanitised.

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The chief of Jharkhand Jewellers Association and the owner of two biggest jewellery showrooms of the city, Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers, Mr. Vipin Adesara said that they are according top priority to the safety of customers. All possible safety measures are being taken regularly to ensure that the risk of infection is minimised.

He said that his showroom was founded in 1925 with the motto- customers are above everything. He said, “ We are still following the same principles.”

Mr. Adesara says that corona virus can survive on any metal, including gold and silver, for about eight hours. Therefore, they ensure that all ornaments are fog-sprayed with sanitisers. He said that even employees are taking all precautions to ensure that the risk is kept to the minimum.

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Video by K C Jewellers underlining safety measures being taken in their showroom.

He says that thermal screening machines and hand sanitisers have been kept at the entrance of the shops. Every counter has santisers too.

However, he feels that the jewellery business will take some time before it is back on tracks.

He says, postponement of marriages in large numbers has affected the business of jewelleries in a big way and it would take a few months for things to get back to normal.


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