Friday, December 3, 2021

Two more test positive for COVID-19 in East Singhbhum on Wednesday, total infected now 343

Jamshedpur: Two (02) more persons tested positive for Covid-19 in East Singhbhum on Wednesday. With this the total number of infected persons in the state has reached 343 now.

Of the two persons testing positive on Wednesday, two have had a travel history. One had come from Haryana, while another had come from Chennai.

One of them is a resident of Sidhgora, while the other is a resident of Mango.

Both the new patients are being admitted in Covid-19 wards of city hospitals.

On the other hand, 18 Covid-19 positive persons have been cured and were discharged from the Covid-19 award of TMH.

Among these cured persons, two are from Govindpur, one is from Chakulia, three are from Dumaria, one from Patamda, two are from Haludbani, one is from Dhalbhumgarh, one is from Bagbera, two are from Sakchi, two from Sonari, one is from Birsanagar, one is from Golmuri and one is a resident of 10 Number Bustee.

Today, the number of new cases has come down a little compared to yesterday’s 13. Health experts feel that the number would slowly decrease thanks to the preventive and preemptive steps being taken by the district administration.

Meanwhile, the district administration has again appealed to the citizens to continue abiding by all the safety precautions to prevent the spread of the disease and to continue social distancing.

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