Thursday, January 20, 2022

Maoist sabotage bid foiled in Saranda, 15 kg IED diffused

Jamshedpur: Police and paramilitary forces foiled a sabotage attempt of Maoists by diffusing a 15 kg IED (improvised explosive device) in Saranda forest area on Wednesday.

Sources said the IED was unearthed some two kilometres away from Digha in Saranda. A bomb squad diffused the IED which was planted with the view to inflict heavy losses to the police patrol team.

Sources said the CRPF officials had got a tip-off about the squad of Maoist Anmol having entered Saranda area a few days back. Acting promptly, the CRPF teams were searching for the rebels around Digha and Tirilposi areas of Saranda.

The CRPF teams were led by Dr Prem Chandra, Commandant of Battalion 174. The cops found a container buried on the mud road. A part of the container became visible and alerted the cops.

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