Monday, January 17, 2022

Central Durga Puja committee assesses Corona situation

Jamshedpur: Central Durga Puja Committee of Jamshedpur has set out to assess the post-COVID-19 breakout scenario in the city ahead of this yearś Durga Puja.

In view of the Corona virus threat, the zonal working committee of the outfit has decided to review the health safety situation.

A meeting was held in this regard on Wednesday at Namda Basti Kali temple.

Committee general secretary Rambabu Singh said organizing Durga Puja publicly would entail overcrowding at puja venues.

Hence, the committee is mulling over plans to prevent overcrowding and ensure safety for one and all.

The committee general secretary said puja preparation had not yet started. He said the sculptors have not got orders from any puja committee this year.

He said it is difficult to prevent overcrowding at puja pandals. He said he would contact all puja committees to ensure peaceful and safe puja this year.

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