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Plain-speak adds to Saryu Roy’s political stature

Jamshedpur: Saryu Roy, the MLA from Jamshedpur East, and the ex-minister of Jharkhand, is fast emerging as a sane and dignified political voice in Jharkhand. One, who is respected for his opinions and political stands by people from all political formations cutting across all ideologies. A leader who evokes admiration and respect even from his staunch opponents.

While there is a political buzz about his likely homecoming to BJP in the wake of his open support to BJP’s Rajya Sabha candidate Deepak Prakash leading to the latter’s victory at the hustings, he is yet to confirm or deny it.

However, his proximity and personal vibes with senior BJP leaders has never deterred him from speaking out his heart on political issues. And this is adding to his stature in the state politics.

There were many who were speculating that he might be readying for a second inning in BJP soon and that he would like to speak in a voice which would support BJP’s political stands. But his political stands and recent utterances must have come as a big shock for them.

Belying all expectations, Saryu Roy has openly supported the state government’s stand on the coal block auction issue.

He has not only supported Hemant Soren government’s stand to challenge the centre’s coal block auction decision, but has also urged him to call an all party meeting on the issue.

In normal Indian political conduct, you are not expected to have such independent views if you are preparing to join a party. And this is why he is respected by all and sundry.

This is not the only instance, where Saryu Roy has shown that he is not loathe to take a stand that is different from others’ expectations.

Be it the issue of economic interests of Jharkhand, or the issue of corruption, he has chosen to speak out his mind completely ignoring the repercussions thereof.

While Saryu Roy has openly supported his friend Deepak Prakash in Rajya Sabha elections, he has also not been wanting in lauding the good political steps of Hemant Soren government. Saryu Roy has openly lauded Hemant Soren for his decision to remain clean and not indulge in any horse trading during Rajya Sabha elections.

On Saturday last, in a comment, he said: “This is the first Rajya Sabha elections in the state, when no horse trading has taken place. Earlier, the governments themselves would indulge in horse trading. Even Hemant could have done the same. But showing respect to democratic values, he did not do it. This is a big achievement for Jharkhand. In a sense Jharkhand has created a history.”

This open appreciation for the Chief Minister Hemant Soren tells a lot about his political dignity. And this has been acknowledged by even JMM, which used his statement to target BJP citing the instances of Karantaka, Madhya Pradesh, Goa and other states.

Saryu Roy’s recent statements might have confused many political watchers and they might be wondering whether he is indeed contemplating joining BJP or not and whether he is sympathetic to JMM and Hemant Soren or not.

However, this is no conundrum for those who know a little about him and his political journey. They know that he has certain independence in mind and conduct and he never hesitates in speaking out his mind whatever the circumstances.

He may still join or not join BJP. Yet you cannot predict that even after joining a party he would not speak good of his opponent or speak everything the way his new party expects him to.

This plains peak is what makes him a popular political leader of Jharkhand. One who commands respect from everyone, irrespective of political affiliations.

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