Monday, January 17, 2022

Parents demonstrate for waiver of school fee for lockdown period

Jamshedpur: Several parents of students of different city schools demonstrated before the DSE office demanding a curb on collection of fee by schools for the lockdown period.

Led by Jharkhand Abhibhawak Sangh and Shiksha Satyagrah, the parents whose wards study in private schools said that no fee should be collected by the private schools for the lockdown period as well as for the period the schools are not opening.

They said that the private schools treat them as “ATMs” and impose unjustified fee on them.

The parents also expressed concern over the news that the district administration might allow re-opening of schools. They said that until a vaccine and proven treatment is found out, they would not send their children to schools.

dse off me pradarsan
Parents in Jamshedpur demonstrate before DSE office for fee waiver for lockdown period.

The district president of Jharkand Abhibhawak Sangh, Dr. Pushpa Srivastava said that the schools are taking advantage of their being no directive from the state government.

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App Tiwari of Shiksha Satyagrah said that several parents are struggling against financial problems and are looking for employment and business during the lockdown period and the private schools should not impose any further burden on them. He stressed the need for a “no school, no fee” directive from the state government.

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