Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Faced by furious Indian response China paper "Global Times" threatens and mocks India

Jamshedpur: China paper Global Times, known to voice the Chinese official position to the outside world, has now resorted to mocking and threatening India of consequences if it continues to be propelled by nationalism.

Faced by unexpectedly furious response from Indian soldiers as well as common people on the street calling for a boycott of Chinese goods, Global Times has also started poking the people.

Global Times in a tweet said: “Indians who boast that their nation is fully prepared for a military confrontation are blindingly optimistic.”

The paper also mocked the US with a cartoon suggesting that it was more interesting in fomenting trouble between India and Japan. In a tweet it says: “As tensions between China and India over border disputes remain mainstream US media has revealed US eagerness to seize the opportunity to sow more discords between China and Japan.”

China is known to adopt multi-pronged strategy to deal with its adversaries. It also has an elaborate method of propaganda that uses the weaknesses of democratic systems all over the world in its own interest and to sow dissent in the adversary country.

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READ ALSO:  Shahabuddin's son Osama all set to make a grand entry in Bihar politics!

Going by the response of the Chinese it is clear that they had not expected a robust response from Indian soldiers as well as the government. Now that India has started speaking from a position of strength, there are Indian experts who feel that the border tussle between the two countries is still not over and there is much that will happen on the border in the days to come. However, no one sees the situation ballooning into a war.

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