Friday, December 3, 2021

Seven of a single family found Corona positive in Baharagora

Baharagora: Seven members of a single family were found Corona positive in Nagursai Baguni Tola in Baragadia panchayat of Baharagora block on Sunday.

According to sources, a migrant labour of the family had returned from Tamilnadu. He was quarantined at panchayat Bhawan in Baragariha. After the quarantine period he was sent home and later tested positive. He was sent to MGMCH Hospital for treatment. On Sunday, seven members of his family also tested positive.

The BDO of Baharagora Rajesh Kumar Sahoo, CO Heera Kumar, police officer in charge C S Kumar and the Medical Officer O P Choudhary sent all the members of the family to MGMCH Hospital for treatment.

In Musabani block too one youth was found Corona positive. He had arrived from Mumbai. Similarly another woman who has returned from Delhi to Swaspur Quarantine Centre has also been found positive.

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