Monday, January 17, 2022

City garment and footwear shops open, economic activities expected to pick up soon

Jamshedpur: A large number of garment and footwear businesses opened today as the state government relaxed the lockdown rules and allowed them to open from today. However, there were many shops which could not open today for different reasons and by tomorrow most of them are likely to open.

In different parts of the city, most garment and shoe shops opened today and they were also frequented by their customers, though not in great numbers.

Yesterday the state government had issued a notification permitting such shops to do business with certain restrictions.

kapda dukan khola 5
City garment and shoe shops open up after government relaxes rules.

As per the notification signed by Jharkhand Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh, shops selling cloth/readymade garments/hosiery and footwear in district headquarter urban areas will be permitted to carry out business activities with effect from tomorrow.

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The notification came on behalf of Disaster Management Department. ¨It was felt that there is a need to take a cautious approach while implementing the directions of the Ministry of Home Affairs issued vide Order dated 30.05.2020 as many migrants have entered the state Jharkhand from various states and also other countries severely affected by COVID-19 and at the same time it was felt necessary to open up economic activities and to ease out hardships being faced by the people,¨ read the notification.

kapda dukan khola 4
City garment and shoe shops open up after government relaxes rules.

The decision to allow to open shoe and garment shops is likely to give an impetus to the local economy as most of such small shops were reeling under the impact of lockdown and were desperately waiting for the government’s signal to open business.

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