Wednesday, March 3, 2021

NIT Jamshedpur student creates “Remove China Apps” alternative "Desi App Manager"

More than 5000 Android users install this app on their Android

Jamshedpur: Rishabh Bhardwaj, a student of NIT Jamshedpur, has created an alternative for the app “Remove China Apps”, which was recently pulled down by Google from its Playstore. Rishabh Bhardwaj’s app is available on Playstore by the name “Desi App Manager” and it can be downloaded and installed easily.

This app helps in identifying any Chinese app present on your phone and then helps you in finding an alternative app.

The app description on PlayStore says: “If an app installed on your phone is also present in our database, then you can browse for similar apps on your phone’s web browser. If there is no app common between your phone and our database then 0 app detected message is displayed.”

This app has already been downloaded and installed by more than 5000 people till date. It was last updated on June 17, 2020. The size of the app is 1.6 M and it requires at least Android 4 to run.

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The current rating for this app on Google PlayStore is 3+, which is a pretty commendable rating if compared with other apps of this genre.

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This app has also received some very good comments from its users. One Mohit Joshi has remarked: “This is fabulous app. This does perfectly what it says… job done perfectly and amazingly…”

Similarly, another user, Vicky Singh, has commented: “Extremely helpful in identifying and eliminating Chinese apps. Also what is special about this app is, it provides an alternative for those apps, which is rare. Well designed app, for a great purpose. Hope more and more people are informed about this amazing app. Kudos to the developer.”

Rishabh has also created three more apps – Hashcontact, Match 20, NIT, and NIT Jamshedpur- for different purposes and all these three are available on PlayStore.

This app is likely to see more downloads and installs in the coming days as the Indian public sentiments turn negative for China and its good and services.

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