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'Chintu ka Birthday' is an amazing film

Chintu ka birthday has recently been released on Zee5 and has been grabbing attention of the Indian audience.

Written and directed by Devanshu Kumar and Satyanshu Singh and produced by Tanmay Bhatt and his AIB team of comedians, this movie is a perfect watch for a family.

The premise of the story is set in Iraq, where an Indian family gets stuck because of an ongoing war in that country.

This movie portrays how a family adapts itself to the situation of that particular country, with the main story revolving around the kid in the family ‘Chintu’, who wants to celebrate his birthday like a normal kid.

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The family couldn’t celebrate his birthday the previous year but tells Chintu that this time his birthday will be celebrated in all its grandeur.

However, owing to some unfortunate events which occur on that very day, the family receives two American soldiers at their doorstep.

The movie portrays the difficulties the family goes through just to celebrate their kids birthday in country which is in the throes of a war.

This movie is a must watch, not just because of the its family aspect but also to see how it portrays different characters involved in it, both adults and kids, in a country which is in constant chaos.

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It shows how the family members adjust themselves and their lifestyles to their immediate environment.

Another remarkable aspect of the movie is the use of the word ‘Indian’ and the way it is portrayed in the story.

It shows you the meaning of the word ‘Indian’ and the impact it has on foreigners in general by conveying to them that ‘Indian’ means that the person is from a peaceful culture.

Overall it is a very nice movie which can be enjoyed by anyone and of any age.


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Chintu ka birthday is a very nice movie which can be enjoyed by anyone and of any age.'Chintu ka Birthday' is an amazing film
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