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Saryu Roy going BJP way? RS poll support sparks a buzz

Jamshedpur: Saryu Roy may be going BJP way. His unequivocal support to Deepak Prakash in the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections, good vibes with senior BJP leaders within the state unit and support coming from the national level BJP stalwarts have set the political circles abuzz.

His clear support to BJP candidate Deepak Prakash in Rajya Sabha polls and his positive statements in response to Dr Nishikant Dubey’s appeal for support has provided reason for political speculations to do rounds.

Although Saryu Roy himself has not confirmed it, but he has been giving indications of a political re-alignment in near future. Yesterday in a tweet referring to one of his interviews to a local newspaper, he reiterated that his ideology remains the same as it was when he was in class VIII.

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Only two days back he had remarked that he has no confusion and is very clear-cut about what he has to do next.

Nishikant Dubey reciprocated with some very good words about Saryu Roy and said that BJP and RSS ideology is in his sanskars. He thanked Saryu Roy for his support for Deepak prakash in Rajya Sabha polls.

Yesterday the senior BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy in a tweet had suggested that Saryu Roy be made the president of Jharkhand BJP and a member of National Executive as a lesson to the corrupt influencers.

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He tweeted this in reply to one of his supporters @Dharma2X. Saryu Roy has been very close to Dr Swamy. Dr. Swamy has openly supported Saryu Roy even after Saryu Roy had quit BJP.

Twitter handle @Dharma2X tweeted a photo of Dr. swamy and Saryu Roy with K N Govindacharya relating to a December 2016 event. And Saryu Roy re-tweeted it, reiterating his bonding with Dr Swamy.

In recent times, Saryu Roy has been making it very clear that he is enjoying his political tenure as an independent MLA and there is no possibility of his joining BJP formally.

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However, things have been changing very fast within the state BJP. With Babulal Marandi being made the state BJP president, there are many who feel that Saryu Roy may find it an appropriate time to re-align his political activities.

The BJP MP from Godda Nishikant Dubey has been instrumental in this clear change in his political stance. Recently, Dubey had sought Saryu Roy’s support for his party candidate Deepak Prakash in the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections.

Nishikant Dubey and Saryu Roy have been very close for a long time. And Saryu Roy has responded positively to Nishikant Dubey’s appeal. He unequivocally announced his support for Deepak Prakash. And he also indicated that his commitment to his ideology remains unchanged. That indicates that his political ideology remains unchanged.

Although Saryu Roy had to quit BJP and finally won Jamshedpur East seat defeating the former chief minister Raghubar Das as an independent candidate, he has a strong support within BJP at every level.

Although in the past, he has been repeatedly saying that he is unwilling to return to BJP fold, it seems the ice has broken and things may change rapidly in the days to come.

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