Sunday, June 11, 2023

Time to turn attention to mental illnesses too

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Deep anxiety, prolonged depression and suicidal tendencies can wreak havoc with any life. It is sad that most of us, and the society too, ignore the different mental illnesses completely. Normally, we perceive people as either being of normal mental health or completely insane. We do not see millions and millions of people walking all around us who fall somewhere between these two extreme points.

It is possible to look normal and walk normal, even while suffering from serious mental illnesses. Depression and anxiety are often discussed in drawing rooms and casual conversations very lightly as if these are not serious ailments. The fact is that with the rise in mental stress in the life of a normal person, the resulting impact on the mental health is proving extremely deleterious.

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The reported suicide of famous and highly successful Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput also underlines the fact that mental illnesses, especially depression and anxiety, can strike anyone and anyone can fall victim to bad lifestyle choices, stressful way of life and lack of balance in everyday activities.

So many young lives are falling due to mental illnesses. We have so many hospitals and facilities for physical ailments. Yet, not much is available if one needs medical help for mental illnesses.

It is sad but true that our youngsters also do not have the family support system, old religious traditions, social fabric and support system available to them when they live alone far from family chasing illusive successes in life.

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