Thursday, January 20, 2022

14, including a TMH nurse, found positive in East Singhbhum, total now 249

10 of the fresh cases from Musabani itself, five containment zones removed in city, one in Musabani too

Jamshedpur: 14 more persons, including one nurse in TMH, have tested positive in East Singhbhum district on Sunday taking the total tally for the district to 249 now.

According to official data for the district all 14 positive cases have had travel history. Three of them had come from Gujarat, five from Andhra Pradesh, two from Delhi, one from Ghaziabad and one from Mumbai. They were already under institutional quarantine.

10 of the positive persons are from Musaboni, while one is from Sakchi, two from Bagbera and one is from Chakulia.

All these 14 persons are being admitted in the Covid ward of the hospital in the city.

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The administration has once again appealed to the people to not go out of their homes, use masks and keep washing hands to ward off risks of contacting the disease.

Meanwhile, the district administration has removed five containment zones from the different parts of the city.

These zones were created after a few positive cases were found in those areas. Now that those patients have either been cured or completed the period of quarantine, the administration decided to remove the containment zones from those areas. The areas where containment zones were created included Daiguttu in Mango, Prakash Nagar in Telco, Birsanagar, Jugsalai and Barigora.

On the other hand, in Musbani panchayat too Benashol area was freed from being a containment zone. A containment zone was created in the panchayat to thwart the spread of Corona virus. Meanwhile, the BDO of Musabani has appealed to the people to continue washing their hands and following all the instructions including those of social distancing.

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Benashol being declared a free zone
Containment zone being freed in Musabani.

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