Monday, January 17, 2022

Four more new cases in Jamshedpur, total tally at 225

Rate of growth in fresh cases not alarming yet, Pro-active quarantining helps city get a grip on Covid-19 outbreak, Situation likely to improve in coming days

Jamshedpur: With four new patients testing positive for Covid-19 in the city, the total tally of infected persons has reached 225.

Although, the numbers have been on the rise in the city, and this has been a matter of concern for health officials, the rate of growth in the fresh cases has remained rather static and there is every possibility it would fall further in the days to come as the number of arrivals from other cities comes down.

Most of the migrant workers arriving into the city were quarantined early by the district administration and the period of their quarantine will be over very soon. This pro-active measure has borne fruit in the district and the new cases have not risen the way it was feared in view of the initial trend.

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The administration is not taking things lightly and has appealed to the general public to continue taking all precautions and complying with social distancing norms. The situation is being reviewed on regular basis and necessary steps are being taken to contain the spread of the disease.

On the other hand, four persons have also tested positive in West Singhbhum, while in Palamau seven fresh cases have been confirmed as Covid-19 positive. Three each in Ranchi and Chatra districts have tested positive, while the number for Latehar has been two. With this the number of total infected persons in the state has reached 1656.

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