Friday, December 3, 2021

19 positive patients found in East Singhbhum in one day, nine from Chakulia alone

Jamshedpur: East Singhbhum district has seen a spurt in Corona cases on Wednesday as the blood tests of 19 patients were found positive. This has been the biggest increase in the number of positive cases in the city on a single day.

Out of the 19 patients confirmed as positive in the district, nine are from Chakulia block.

According to official data, nine patients from Chakulia have tested positive, while the number for Baharagora is four. Dumaria, Potka, Govindpur, Mango, Dhatkidih and Musaboni have seen their tally increase by one on Wednesday.

All these positive patients have been admitted into the Covid wards of TMH and MGMCH.

Most of the new positive cases have had a recent travel history. With today’s spurt in the cases, the number of Corona positive patients in East Singhbhum has increased to 212.

In another development, the MGMCH Virology lab today tested 137 samples. Out of these, 26 samples were found Corona positive. 18 samples were from East Singhbhum, while two samples each from West Singhbhum, Seraikella and Ramgarh have tested positive on Wednesday.

Samples of blood were taken from 260 patients in East Singhbhum on Wednesday. The district has collected 13278 samples till date. Out of these 12507 have been tested.

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