Thursday, December 1, 2022

Living life as usual amid Covid-19 risks

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The outbreak of Covid-19 is showing no signs of weakening as the infection and death toll both are rising all over the country, in Jharkhand as well as our own city of Jamshedpur. It is disappointing to see that despite repeated appeals from the administration, government as well as health experts, the common masses have almost come back to their normal life and have obviously lowered their guard.

This is a dangerous point in the Covid-19 story. While the threat of the virus lurks over our head, we have almost reached a point where apart from carrying a mask while going outside, no other precaution is being taken. Social distancing norms are being routinely violated everywhere and by everyone.

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The awareness that has been created in the run up to first and then subsequent lockdown has served us well and helped us in keeping the disease at bay in most parts of the country. However, we are about to fritter away that advantage as the positive cases continue to rise and as our health infrastructure continues to face tremendous pressure in several mega cities of the country.

Most experts have told us again and again that wearing mask, washing hands regularly and maintaining a safe social distance from others are the only three effective ways available to us in the fight against this virus.

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It is sad that we have started ignoring the sage advice being given to us. And we are also paying a heavy price for that as so many people are falling to the virus.

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