Friday, December 3, 2021

Four more Covid-19 positive cases found in Jamshedpur

Three from Mango and one from Kadma found positive, 8 discharged from TMH

Jamshedpur: Four more Covid-19 patients have tested positive in the city on Monday. Three Covid-19 positive patients are from Mango area, while one is from Kadma. This has taken the total number of positive patients in the city to 183.

On Monday, a total of 587 patients were tested by the virology lab of MGMCH, out of which only 8 were found positive. This includes one patient from East Singhbhum. The three other positive cases have been reported from the TMH laboratory.

In all, the 120 samples were collected in East Singhbhum on Monday. Till date more than 12 thousand samples have been collected in the city.

Sources say that 8 Covid-19 patients were discharged from the TMH Covid ward today. These include two persons from Govindpur, one each from Musaboni, Telco, Haldipokhar, Golmuri, Chakulia and Dhalbhumgarh.

The deputy commissioner Mr. Ravishankar Shukla has appealed to the people to help the district administration by complying with the general instructions issued by it. He said that people should avoid going out if not necessary, they should use mask at public places and keep washing hands and avoid spitting here and there. He also said that social distancing must be continued with carefully.

In another related development, the district administration has removed two containment zones in the city. A few days back, an area near Sidhgora was sealed after one Corona positive patient was found there. But, now that area has been declared Covid free as all the contacts of that patient have been tested negative. Similarly, the containment zone created in Vidyapatinagar in Sidhgora too has been removed. All the contacts in that area too have tested negative.

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