Thursday, December 1, 2022

Lock-down extension is necessary for saving life

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There are many experts who feel there should be a partial and phased withdrawal of lockdown in the country, keeping the hurt to the economy being caused by the cessation of economic activities in mind. Their logic is simple, the cure should not be worse than the disease.

However, the exact same argument was also put forward by the US President Donald Trump. He has been reluctant to announce full nation-wide lock-down and has instead chosen to continue with economic activities in most parts of his country.

However, keeping all factors in mind, India has indeed done well by clamping a lock-down at the right time. That decision has borne fruits and has possibly saved thousands of lives in time.

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We cannot afford to lose lives in thousands. That would be devastating. We must choose the option of saving maximum lives, whatever be the cost. Let us ignore the pro-economy experts for a few months. Life must overrule everything else!

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