Monday, January 17, 2022

Corona Virus is turning people into recluses

Hard times make the world reflect on some straight and bitter truths of life

London: Corona virus has forced lock downs in a large part of the world. Reeling under unexpected turns in life, the inhabitants of the earth are now facing some bitter truths – that nothing matters more than life. And that all the wealth, bank balances, success and achievements matter to nothing.

Will the post-Covid world remain the same as the pre-Covid was? Will all of us be able to go about our life in the same old way?

With the US President admitting that limiting the deaths caused by Covid-19 to even 1 lakh would be a good work done for US, one is forced to wonder whether this cynicism confronting the mankind would end so easily.

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There were more than a million reactions within a short time with the hashtag #WhenCoronaVirusisover and most of the twitterati betrayed the cynicism and hopelessness that this pandemic has forced on an completely unprepared world.

One Twitter user ChristoThurston has aptly remarked: “We will realise that mansions, branded clothing, expensive jewelry, social status, bank balances and job titles never have, never are and never will be more valuable than life. The gift of life trumps any earthly accolades.

In reply IvySon remarked: “You only live once. Never missout on what makes you feel good, happy and excited about life. Live it to the fullest. Life is too short.”

However, all do not agree. There are many who think life will continue as it is once the pandemic is over and that this too shall pass as all other pandemics have passed.

In reply Ray Ray remarked: “You actually think coronavirus is the first pandemic? People will still do what they do when corona is over.”

At a time when there is no hope for developing a vaccine quickly and the world stares at the acute shortage of medical equipments and essential drugs in most parts of the world, it starts to look as if nothing matters. We all are turning into recluses and most are left wondering – do all those things that we hold so dear in life really matter? Will we be forced to live in constant fear from now on? For how long? Will there be an end?

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